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Mohagen Hansen: Dog Days of Summer Quiz

Derek - Yellow Lab

Cali - Golden Doodle

Lacy - Border Collie Mix

Lacy loves visiting kids at the Children's Hospital, where this photo was taken.

Augie - Blue Heeler Mix

Ike - Goldendoodle

Ike, Lyn's "grandpup", loves dressing up as his favorite Beanie BabiesĀ®

Chloe - Maltese Mix

Dwight - Jack Russell Mix

Dwight is a ChiweenieJack, as Paul invented: half Jack Russell, quarter Chihuahua, and quarter Dachshund.

Vinny - Pug

Molly - Terrier Mix

Lunar - German Shepherd Mix

Lunar spends her time watching over her furry siblings, as well as her new human baby brother, Jude.

Ruby & Cooper - English Springer Spaniels

Ike - Pyrenees Mix

Ike was supposed to weigh around 40lbs, but he tops out at 80lbs right now. More to love!

Fletcher - Bichon Frise

Vinnie - Morkie

Vinnie is the toughest dude on the block, and thinks he's much bigger than he really is.

Gracie - Dachshund/Shih Tzu Mix

Gracie was originally named Grey Goose - her whole litter was named after Vodka brands.

Sylvan - Australian Shepherd

Trick Question! Sylvan is the pup of two MH team members: Andy and Shauntel!

Magnolia - Golden Retriever

Bryan and Alicia recently found out their neighbor adopted one of Magnolia's sisters!

Seamus - Golden Doodle

Seamus Finnegan McFly has been featured in a calendar after winning a local "cutest pet" contest